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actualcyclops asked: Can you analyze a team consisting of a Thief of Breath, Maid of Hope, Witch of Time, and Page of Space? Thanks! uvu




OK.  Let’s do this.


Thief of Breath:


She is a very controlling individual, or in layman’s terms…..bossy.  This is the kind of person who likes bossing everyone around and getting everything little thing she wants.  And she is very good at getting what she wants.  A Thief is one who “steals” their aspect, or “steals” using their aspect.  Breath symbolizes freedom, direction, and mobility.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  Thief of Breath literally translates to “stealer of freedom.”  This is bad.  This is dangerous.  She is the biggest internal issue that could possibly arise with this SBURB session.  The Thief would want to control every little thing about everyone’s lives, and if left unchecked, could possibly gain tyrannical rule over the session with an iron fist, crushing any and all resistance and objections with extreme prejudice. 

(Protip: you should probably avoid that.)

SBURB Influence:

However, if this Thief were to mature a little bit with help from the rest of the team, the Thief could grow into a very vital contributing member of the group. She could use her role to capture powerful enemies, by stealing their freedom.  This Thief would do well on political missions to undermine Derse.  She could capture political targets, like high ranking Derse officials.   Perhaps the Thief could even capture the Black Queen, if your group managed to get the Queen’s ring off.  With a hostage like that, you might even be able to get the Black King to surrender in order to save his Queen’s life.




In regards to her actual physical offensive powers, the Thief of Breath could take someone’s breath away.  And I don’t mean she makes them so surprised that they gasp; I mean she can literally and very forcefully rip all the air from their lungs.  She could use that ability on enemies that require breath to live.  She could also do it to other players, in a sort of Death Vader-esque Force choke.  She could also stop the movement of air around her enemies, freezing them in place, while using their stolen movement to make her very, very fast.  Perhaps this is how she could keep the other players under her rule, if she turned evil?  By using an ability that can’t be physically fought?  That’s actually pretty scary.  I’m adding Thief of Breath to the list of roles I never want to piss off.           

Team Influence:

I could see her as having a stake as Team Leader, only rivaled by the Witch.  I do not advise her as Team Leader.  Unless you enjoy suffering under tyrannical rule, that is.  It would start out well, with the Thief coordinating everyone and multitasking extremely well.  And then she starts demanding progress reports every once in a while.  And then “once in a while” becomes every hour.  And then she takes control of the Grist bank, and only allows items and buildings to be created after she approves them.  And then she makes bland uniforms for the whole team, and forces them to wear the stupid things.  Meanwhile, she would be gallivanting around, taking great advantage of all that freedom she stole for herself.  The Thief wouldn’t really be held accountable for anything she did, often putting the blame on someone else.  And then when the team starts protesting, she breaks out the Darth Vader throat choke.  And then things really get bad.

          Of course, this is all worst case scenario.  The Thief could very well make a good leader, if she had some proper guidance.  I’m a little bit prejudiced when it comes to destructive Breath classes, I suppose.  My session had a Prince of Breath that very nearly did all that.  Luckily, we had a skillful Maid of Heart and Rogue of Blood who brought him back to ground level.  I just fear the impact the Thief could have on your session because you don’t have a Heart or Blood player.  But you do have one who could really influence her. The Page of Space.  However, I’ll explain all that in the Team Relationships section.




Maid of Hope:   

Personality –

She takes stubborn to a whole new level.  There is absolutely no situation in which she would EVER give up.  Ever.  Period.  End of story.  The Maid of Hope literally protects herself with Hope.  She could be surrounded by a mob of snarling enemies fifty miles wide, and she would laugh in their faces, before pulling off some crazy improvisational maneuver to win the day.  This Maid would mock danger, taunt fear, and take despair out back to the shed with a shotgun.  Kind of like…



A Maid protects herself for the good of the group, and Heroes of Hope deal with faith and rejection.  They reject false beliefs, and embrace true ones.  This doubles her innate protection.  The Maid of Hope is THE most durable title and aspect you can possible get.  Nothing can kill this Maid.  Nothing.

(She is also likely to have powerful religious convictions.  Any Hope player who doesn’t would be a pretty terrible Hope player, actually.  I mean, could you imagine if a Hero of Hope only believed in something like white science?  They’d be horrible as a Hope player.  :P )


SBURB Influence –

The Maid could be a really good defender.  Her innate stubbornness makes protection her number one ability.  She could hold off an attacker to let the others escape, and then use her Hope powers to get away scot free.  By placing herself as an impassible barrier at a crucial time and place, she could tip the scales and help the group towards victory.    

Powers –

As the Maid of Hope, she would be able to surround herself in Hope energy, creating a perfect defense, completely impenetrable.  And holding any sort of strong religious conviction makes Hope abilities a thousand times stronger than normal.  Without faith, Hope players become liabilities, not assets.  She needs something to believe in, as it were.  In addition to creating a basic Hope energy shield, she could materialize an avatar of what she believed in.  A Jewish person might be helped by Samson, the STRONGEST biblical hero of them all.  A Catholic person could be aided by their Guardian Angel, being able to defend the Maid from any foe, as well as misguided friends, and the Maid’s own mistakes.  Basically, if you don’t have faith, you won’t get very far as a Hero of Hope.

(Also, Hope players get a really cool ability called “Reject.”  It allows them to launch any item out of their Sylladex at ridiculously high speeds.  You don’t know true power until you’ve seen a Hope player launch 50 refrigerators at 100 mph, all at the same time. Trust me.)            

Team Influence –

The Maid of Hope would be the martyr, the protector, the guardian.  She would take all the worst attacks, the hardest decisions, and be the greatest friend.  The Maid of Hope would be the heavy-hitter of the group, the shining beacon of hope.  Seeing her beat impossible odds again and again would do wonders for morale.  The Maid of Hope would become friends with everyone through sheer force of character.  It doesn’t matter who you are.  It doesn’t matter if you like being a loner, or being a grouch, and have no interest in friends.  If the Maid of Hope decides she wants to be your friend, you are going to end up as her friend.  End of story. 

(But if she decides you are her enemy, watch out.  She will never concede anything to you.  Ever.)


Witch of Time:

Personality –

           Oh sheesh, how do I describe this?  She’s mysterious, quirky, enthusiastic….

Oh!  I know!  The Witch of Time is basically:



Ms. Frizzle is the textbook definition of a Witch of Time.  A Witch both manipulates her aspect and manipulates “with” her aspect.  She come and go as she pleases, and you never really know why she does the random things she does, until the plot comes together and suddenly everything makes sense.  I actually recommend her as team leader, with the Maid of Hope in second command.


SBURB Influence –

The Witch burrows through time like an enthusiastic prairie dog in a sand box.  She is everywhere.  You look left, there’s the Witch.  You look right, there’s the Witch.  You get up at night for a midnight snack; the Witch is sitting at your kitchen table munching on a candy bar.  You need help fighting a powerful enemy; the Witch got your back.  You open a treasure chest with a valuable item inside, the Witch shows up behind you and yoinks the item to the exact time and place it will be most needed.  This can be unsettling at first, but after a while you stop questioning why the Witch is going through your sock drawer at 2 AM.  Just roll with it.  She’s probably stealing all your left socks in order to save someone’s life, for reasons that are for the Witch to know, and you to puzzle about, until you catch up with her point in the timeline, and then everything will be as clear as a glass window covered in vague happenings and existential crises.

Powers –

          The Witch of Time takes to her Time powers like a fish in water.  She weaves together stable timeloops and untangles paradoxes like the Olympic underwater basket-weaver weaves baskets underwater.  The Witch makes it look easy, as if she isn’t time-jumping, but time-gliding.  All the pieces of the puzzle would come together like a graceful tapestry, connecting the dots until BAM!  The day is saved.  In terms of actual combat abilities, she could decay things rapidly.  This wouldn’t really work on most of the enemies in the game, because most of them don’t die of old age, but she could affect her environment in order to beat her opponents.  Whoops, was that one crucial pin holding up the chandelier rusted through?  Whoops, did that tree just collapse in just the right direction?  Whoops, did that cliff edge just collapse in the canyon?  That sort of stuff.  The Witch would be sure to fight all her battles in areas where she could use this ability to its fullest extent.      

Team Influence –

          The Witch’s seemingly omnipresent existence and incredible foreknowledge makes her my number one candidate for leader.  She wouldn’t be the speech-giving disciplinarian keeping everyone in line.  That’s the Maid of Hope’s job.  :D  No, the Witch would make sure everyone got where and when they needed to be.  The Thief would obviously dislike this, as she doesn’t want anyone telling her what to do, but after seeing the Witch coordinate success after success, the Thief will complain a little bit quieter. 


Page of Space:

Personality/Team Influence –

          I’m sorry.  I’m so, so sorry, Page.  Your teammates are……enthusiastic, to put it lightly. And you are their most eligible sidekick.  The Thief of Breath wants someone to push around, someone she can boss and tease.  And that is almost the definition of a Page. The Maid of Hope wants someone to fuss over, someone she can protect and impress and show off all her cool moves to.  Unfortunately, this often leads to smothering and babying.  The Witch of Time will appear out of thin air, hand you a seventy pound suitcase full of tacky Thanksgiving decorations, and tell you to take it to the highest mountain in your Land within an hour.  Why?  Only the Witch knows. 

These people make the Page’s life one pointless adventure after another, when s/he’d much rather be safe at home with a good book and hot cup of tea.  But gosh darn it, the Page can’t help but adore these lovably needy maniacs.  The Page endures every bossy order from the Thief, every overbearing gesture of affection from the Maid, and every stupid quest from the Witch.  Because the Page knows how much they NEED to have someone they can boss around, rescue, and guide.  They rarely need anything themselves, but can’t help their natural tendencies.  Without the Page, the Team would fall apart and fight each other within a month.

Basically, prepare to be dragged from one end of the Medium to other, by a bunch of controlling/overbearing/possibly insane team members.  I would normally say that you should stick up for yourself, but, honestly? It won’t even slow them down.  These people NEED someone that can humor their many insecurities and complexes.  And the Page is more than happy to oblige for these adorable idiots.


Powers –

Look.  As a fellow Page of Space, I think I’m entirely justified when I say HOLY MOLY ARE WE POWERFUL.  You know all that suffering your team put you through?  Totally worth it.  A Page of Space has the ability to teleport entire land masses across great distances.  Your friends in trouble?  The enemy is now 200 feet above the ground.  Surrounded by bad guys?  Teleport to your kitchen and grab a snack.

In addition to all this, you can imbue yourself and your teammates with speed and strength.  Especially speed.  In fact, I’ll just let my good friend Ichigo here explain how fast you can be.




Thanks, Ichigo.

Sburb Influence:

The Page of Space is responsible for the frog breeding, with the help of the Witch of Time.  The Page (once god tier) could simply teleport all the frogs they need to one location, so I recommend focusing on that initially.  And don’t worry, the Reckoning won’t start until you are ready.  (Usually.)  In most cases, you will have plenty of time to get god tier, breed the Genesis Frog, and do a MC Hammer Slide right over to Skaia.


Team Relationships:

(Just for warning, I am using troll relationships just for the sake of explaining, I realize this team is human.  Or human doppelgangers.  Yes, that happened once.  It’s a long story.)                

The Thief and the Witch would be intensely passive aggressive rivals.  The Thief might loath the Witch for seeming to know everything and being all cryptic and whatnot.  The Witch might loath the Thief for messing with all of her well-laid plans.  They would be all subtle about it, though.  The Witch might send the Thief on some wild goose chase, or the Thief might try and purposely botch a mission to get back at the Witch.  With both of them trying to control the group, the Thief with iron tyranny, and the Witch with subtle guidance, a climactic battle may be inevitable, unless the Maid or Page can convince one of them to back down.  Which is unlikely.

The Page would be pushed around by the Thief, babied by the Maid, and patronized by the Witch.  Little do they all know that the Page only puts up with it because s/he knows how insecure they all are.  Of course, the Page would have to put her foot down every once and while, and remind them that she doesn’t have to put up with it, and only does so for their sakes.  But ultimately, with three very forceful personalities, they need someone who they can lower their facades around.  And that person is the Page.    

The Maid would try and be friends with everyone except possibly the Thief.  However, with urging from the Page, the Maid would turn her legendary friendship-making skills onto the Thief.  And after that, it’s already a done deal.  Within a week, they’ll be the best of buds. 

The Witch might try and remain aloof and mysterious, but the Page would get to her, too.  The Page would go a long way in bringing the Witch back to ground level, and eventually reconciling her with the rest of the group.


Overall Chances:

I’d say you’ve got a pretty good chance!  You’ve got the Maid as a defensive protector, the Witch as a skilled coordinator/manipulator, the Thief as a stealthy capturer, and the Page as your heavy hitter/babysitter.  A good mix of Active and Passive!  The only recommendations I can make would be to add a Knight and Seer, but they aren’t necessary to win this Session.  As long as the Page and Maid keep the Thief and Witch from being too crazy/controlling, you should be just fine! 

(Oh, and Page?  Just keep trucking along.  It gets better.  Trust me.)         



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