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20 love music! always with my twin smiley and my older brothers love em to deff... love my real friends n fam... wouldnt be here now if it wasnt for god watching over me... I love almost all types of anime, Dr.Who, merlin, mentalist, NCIS, Leverage, Homestuck, Sherlock, Agents of Shield, BIGBANG, old school cartoons/selected few new one and much much more. I am a huge huge bookworm and proud of it. I am always willing to listen to those who need a friend and would continue to be there as long as they want me there. if you wanna know anything else just ask..

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How can you not love this man? [X]

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Thank you BBC Sherlock also for giving me that much inspiration that I’m still drawing tons and tons of artwork (even if I must admit that I still have difficulties drawing John.)
For me it’s the perfect way to express my thoughts and feelings of what I think of your show and the characters. Your show inspires me every day.

Thank you, once more.
This entry is my 2nd submission for the thankyoubbcsherlock project! ♥

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A Swing and a Kiss →


Author: wearitcounts.
Rated: T.
Pairing: Sherlock/John.
Word Count: 1,493.

Summary:  There is no kiss cam at Fenway Park. Until John and Sherlock arrive, that is.

Thoughts: Fluff! Sherlock and John at a sport-ball event! Cute tipsyness! Mentions of Meddlesome Mycroft! It’ll put the BIGGEST smile on your face. :D ~K

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Announcing Worldwide InstaMeet 10: October 4-5

For more information on how to find a #WWIM10 InstaMeet near you, visit our new Community site. Check out our Behind the InstaMeet series for practical tips on organizing a meet-up of your own!

On the weekend of October 4-5, join fellow Instagrammers around the world to celebrate #WWIM10, the 10th Worldwide InstaMeet. Gareth Pon (@garethpon), a filmmaker and photographer from Johannesburg, South Africa, started organizing InstaMeets in 2012 as “a fun way to discover the city and sneak into some unique places.”

“It became an awesome way to meet people and explore the common passion of photography,” he says. “The most special thing is being able to see people from so many different walks of life coming together and either discovering their creativity (that they never knew they had) or expressing their creativity among friends who share a common passion.”

Here are Gareth’s top tips for creating a great InstaMeet:

  • “Scout for good locations: People love exploring new places and the more photo opportunities the better!
  • Consider the time of day: We try always organize InstaMeets during “magic hour” for the best light.
  • “Create something shareable: I’ll always make what we call an ‘infogram’ to let everyone know there is a meet. The infogram usually has an image of the location with overlaid text of the location, time, date and hashtag. I then write up a short caption and add them temporarily to a blog post for anyone to download and post. That way people can easily spread the news about the InstaMeet.”
  • “Capture your InstaMeet: Besides always smiling and being friendly, I highly recommend documenting your InstaMeets. I try to capture the vibe of the meet in a little film or highlights video to extend the experience and I can use these videos as ways to promote future instameets.”


Recent studies confirm that reading books and drinking tea doesn’t make you better than anyone else

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what is that in the mirror, or the corner of your eye?

what is that footstep following, but never passing by?

perhaps they are all just waiting. perhaps when we are all dead,

out they will come a-slithering, from underneath the bed.

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